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Thursday, February 14, 2002

Macworld: mac 911

Eating ice cream at 5am makes you really cold. Although it was good, it's melting in the freezer so it was more cream than ice.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey y'all it's V-day (Venereal Disease Day) I hope every has that special someone to hug and kiss on this wonderful day (Yeah...) If you don't then just go and find somebody on the street, but that only applies if you a girl. Guys, go buy a hooker or something. It's better than whackin' off and crying.

I recently purchased a Linksys wireless router and wirles card for my notebook. But, I highly doubt I'm going to keep it.

Very soon my beloved Dell system, Rebis, will be put into retirement. I'm getting one of those new iMacs. Those things are absolutley amazing! Sleek, elegant, stylish and powerful. I am simply in love with OS X. All I need is an iBook and I'm good to go.

I don't really like the Powerbooks too much. Certainly they're stylish but they are way over priced and quite heavy for their size in my opinion.